Sunday, July 20, 2008

E-commerce - greetings (assignment)

UBAI3013 E-Commerce, not a very breath taking subject but it supports the blogging undyingly which drives me crazy thinking of what to write. As an undergraduate in Year 3 semester 1 of Bachelor of Commerce (HONS) Accounting, I am require to post something about myself in week 2 as part of my assignment. Goh Ann Nee is my full name. Hopefully would not get to listened to anyone calling me Goh “Ah nee” which sounds so similar as Goh “auntie” -.-“ instead of Goh “Annie”. I was born in the year of 1987 and has been troubled emotionally and usually deeply ever since February 1987. I am not very tall nor pretty like those American top models who have the magical power to attract man like factory sugar attract ants! I am not even a human being planted with Albert Einstein’s brain. I’m unspeakable shy and have very low self esteem. I’m extremely lazy and do hate to study. Study requires a student to have a very powerful memorizing system in their tiny little head, (which I definitely don’t have) that absolutely useful to pass our final examination and TO GRADUATE!

I love McDonald’s. Me and my group of friends love McDonald’s. I even believe that 8 out of 10 of UTAR students love McDonald’s! Studies show that UTAR student do burn midnight oil. To those who have not visit the UTAR library or even passing by the library, I am here to inform you that our UTAR (Sg Long) library close at 7pm, which is very early, compared to other colleges or universities. So, it would be our student best interest to have an air conditioned structure which open 24 hours a day everyday to have the last battle before our paper. I myself prefer Sg. Long to have a 24 hours McDonald’s rather then the “after 10 pm only serve take over” KFC or to drive few kilometers away to reach Cheras Perdana’s McD although now we are able to use a shorter route by passing through Mahkota Cheras. But ... RM 2.70… thinks twice!

I like watching movie and drama that doesn’t requires me to cry like a leaking pipe. I guess this another way to prove that I’m a lame undergraduate student trying to live her universities life to the fullest but yet fail miserable. I’m into outdoor and indoor sports but only know how to play a few. Love to dance but born with zero talent.

What I believe…..Love and hurt come together… phobia of falling in love again… things do happen for a reason… it takes 2 hands to clap a sound… hardworking is the word that could make one’s result looks nicer…

I believe that no one is interested in knowing how my dad loves me, whether my mom is the one who help me to buy every piece of clothes from the top to the bottom. I guess nowdays lesser people are into the news of man raping woman, as there only blame victims and not beast! However, if there’s a news of old lady raping a baby boy, there’s something to read about. So from the statement I believe that I should stop lamely advertise myself which is obviously not interesting.

Flipping trough the E-Commerce unit plan again, I just realize that we are required to list our top 5 hobbies, top 5 websites we visited, top 5 internet activities.

What is my hobby? Is still a mystery question to me. In fact, it will also be the answer for “who am I?” I guess I will just roughly talk about what I’m going to do if I’m bored. So basically I will get my laptop on and start searching for movie or drama to watch. Besides, I will get my internet network connected and do some internet activities which I will slowly write about it later. If there’s a few dollars in my wallet I guess I will go out and hang around the city with friends, perhaps some window shopping. During the semester break, I will go for jogging in the park with my lousy mp4 stick to my ears. Although I do hate to study, but I love to read. So, I will get some novel in the libraries or buy some magazines and read it if my soul is hardly can start staring at the notes and tutorials.

What I usually do if my internet network is connected? Communicate with the people from the other part of this polluted yet still beautiful planet. Communication? Hey? Can anyone tell me that any of the students do not communicate through internet or do not have an email address? I believe that communicating through internet is the most common thing that one must involve or else u are lame. Normal activity like searching for information trough those search engines are in second places. I admit that I do watch dramas and movies through internet which makes feel like I’m supporting pirated and feel a little guilty. I do also watch some short video clips or advertisements that are banned. Hey, banned doesn’t mean porn clips! It’s just some clips or advertisement that maybe Malaysian government or our cultural cannot accept or might be some other reasons that I do not know. But, I guess somehow we must be more alert in viewing video clips or some other resources without getting arrested by the police and not knowing the reason. If you are a Malaysian I guess you have read or knew about the short clips that contains of our national anthem sang by a “well known Muar singer”. I was told that it’s illegal to keep the video clip in the phone or other places. So besides those stupid things I do, I will also download, upload and send files, documents, pictures, songs through the internet.

p/s : I've uploaded a short clip .. scroll downFinally… the top 5 websites I visited….

Do you know that Google is the top 20 brand ranking in the world? Do not feel hesitate to type in “top100 global brand scoreboard” in the search engine and press “enter”. You can know which company is in the first place. And eventually you can know McD ranked so high up compared to KFC! Google basically a search engine that enables us to look information for any unsolved problems that pop out in your mind.

I guess I do not need to talk so detail about this website. Besides Miss CLK, I cannot think of any of my friends without a Friendster account. Miss CLK, how on earth can u survive around people who has a Friendster account, and they keep exchanging email address just to view the person’s profile and pictures too see whether the particular man or lady is single, in a relationship, married or in a critical situation. Besides viewing, they can also drop comments in the comment box. So Miss CLK, do you know that even our E-COMMERCE LECTURER DO HAS A FRIENDSTER ACCOUNT?! And DO YOU KNOW there’s Friendster CafĂ© now?!

Google Company has pour tons of money to buy over this website. If you are paying attention to what the lecturer said on the first week, you will know why google wants youtube. My mom is a fulltime dancer teaching those sexy aunties and grandmoms linedance, cowboy dance, and other dances that suits their generation. Although my mom is good in memorizing those dancing steps, but she never remember how to switch on the computer just to view some dancing clips from other part of the countries. Fortunately she has a daughter that can help her every weekend to click on the youtube website and look for those dancing video clips for her. So, it is very obvious that I’m telling you that youtube enable you to watch whatever u want to watch or watch video clips that u never watch before ever since you were born.

No doubt! I’m a girl who lazy to open up the 4 inches thick Longman Dictionary that cost me more than RM50. So I guess this is the best website to look for whatever words that I do not come across before. It provides us with the synonym and antonym. It also provides the word in other languages. So I highly recommend you to surf on this website. Don’t be lazy to check out the words that u do not know. Somehow I believe that those words going to be very useful for your future. “APPRECIATE AS IF YOU ARE DYING TOMORROW; LEARN AS IF YOU GOING TO LIVE FOREVER!” I’m not sure whether this website providing any meaning for vulgar language. Please, I’m not a girl who would waste my precious time encouraging you using those words, I just want you to know the meaning of those words as you are throwing out and please think twice or three times before you intended to use such “powerful” words.

There’s only one purpose I visit this website, is to check my emails. I seldom send or forward email to other people because I find it more convenient to talk directly through MSN Messenger than sending email. Guys! Don’t try to forward those chain letters to me. I do not want to harm others by forwarding it to them. XDHotmail do serve as search engine too, but I personally think that is more user friendly. What do you think?

I guess there is nothing much I can share with you, and the lack of intellective to realize the world around me cause my little post to be such bore, for that I apologize. It will be wise if I take this opportunity to wish everyone HAPPY BLOGGING !! =)