Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year eve

*this is something i wanna post last night instead the "explosion"*

Now is 73o pm. Another 4hours and 30 minutes.

Im sitting in a small room surrounded by dusty book, dusty boxes, basically all dusty things.

infront of me is 60 inches poster with a big chinese ( i dunno whats the name) fish with some chinese quotes. Normally a poster which people usually hang during chinese new year. Now you can picture it out?

Starring on my lappie thinking what to do, and how to celebrate my new year.

A bunch of friends called me to join them to the curve. But I dont feel like trapping in the traffic half way and end up watching the fireworks in the car instead of a bigger field. Another reason not joining them is i dont feel like swallowing any alcoholic drinks after taking my medicine. I still concern about my health k.

So i guess i might just stay at home and relax like what i did on my xmas eve.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A quick post before I leave the house.

Once christmas gone by the wind, everyone will be starting to plan for their new year eve celebration (the curve? bintang walk? putrajaya? where? clubs? ktv? seaside? ) or some people will start asking each other what's their 2009 resolution. What's their resolution for the final year of the decade. wtf. 9 years gone ever since people were so crazy about the millenium bash. The Y2K ! Another 2 more days will be the Y2.001K ! lol. lame.

When i was a young girl back then and so excited waiting for the clock to strike 12 and people around world expecting those elelctricity will be cutting off, all systems are down, town are going to be as dark as dark knight city, this and that. And guess what, this little girl was waiting inside an auditoriam in thailand waiting for the "Agua" show to start. ahaha. But the showed delayed due to electricity down lor. if not mistaken all the audience waited for at least 1 hour. lol. i was only 11 years old and i have already sitting there watching a strip show. sigh.. all those were "agua" la .. even agua looks better than me. big boobs, big ass, long legs sharp face.

flat front. flat back. short legs. pentagon face.

hey. agree with me la ok !

Alright. Stop with those crappies. Now lets talk about the 2009 resolution. Some of my friends have been blogging about the 2009 resolution saying that they must achieve this and that. what they wish to have in 2009 what they must do in 2009, what they must not do, and those pending resolutions that havent been done previously and bringing it forward to next year. lol. wtf. can hutang one ah? lol. funny la you guys !

Sigh. I'm here laughing and teasing others but i guess i'm the worst among them. no doubt la. im the WORST ! I dont even have any resolutions for myself past 21 years. 2 decades and 1 year. 241 months !

Should i start setting resolution for coming year? hmm... what i want to achieve. Let me see..

- lose 4.5 kgs?

- Grow another 3.6 cm?

- 34C 23 36 ? LOL

- bigger and even eyes? wtf. my eyes one bigger and smaller one higher one lower. (_.-)

- longer and blacker lashes?

- get rid of my under eye?

- sharper nose? keep massage n massage .... and massage ....

- straighter and silkier hair ...

- broader sholder. my shoulder is like so small. the bag's strap i carried keep on falling.

zzzz...zzzz ... @#$(@$&@&$* do I call all the above relosutions or wishes? i should post that during chirstmas !! and now its too late. can i have belated xmas wishes ? ^^

@#(@#%&@#$*(@# . curse myself !

alright. I'm getting serious now. *serious ann nee*

1. I want to get a better cgpa.

2. get a proper job with at least 2 k . sigh . low right? how am i going to survive with 2K in KL ? maybe plain porridge with sweet potatoes will do.

3. hmm.... remain single and not available for another 1 year? yeah .. hopefully la... dont feel like getting into any relationship yet.

4. travel to one palce i never been before. (its hard)

5. buy a psp and camera ! yay ! (its difficult too)

6. give parents at least rm200 each every month ? erk ... let me do the calculation.

RM2000 salary - RM 600 car installment - RM400 Car fuel and maintenance - RM400 parents allowance = RM600 Living expense

possible ? if possible then it means that i left RM0 to put into my piggy bank. =( . wait ! i havent deduct the amount for paying back the loan i borrowed for my studies ... zzzzz ... i can hutang kerajaan first aa? boleh la abang ~~~~ *wink wink* ^^ . wtf.

7. work hard study hard play hard !

..... The end .....

wait wait ~~

what's your resolutions for 2009 ? =)
Start thinking now ..

Happy new year in advance Bloggers ~~~

Love you guys ~ muah !

Singapore Day 2

Nothing much on Second day. I guess Sinagpore is still lack of tourism destination. Lets wait for Uncle Lim's casino !

So what I did on 26th are :
Very casual ! But I changed to short pants due to the very hot weather !

Better if i wear a cap?

Complimentary Breakfast provided.

First destination .. forgotten where .. Merlion park ?

The Merlion. I wonder if am right

Merlion = Mermaid + Lion ????

Ta da ~~

Dumb pose .. --"

Alright .. I didnt pose for this .. my dumb friend took that when i was trying to pull my hair back.

Another Ta Da ~

There 2 cafes under the bridge .. cool ..

Trying to take all of them .. but i missed one ! Andy .. sorry la ~ i actually doing it on purpose .. lol ...

** that's all **

I didnt take any pictures after that. We went to Sentosa Island. I guess theres only a place where we can ride on extraordinary rides see extraordianary organism. That day was so freaking hot, i kept sweating and so i made myself not to move so much and so agitated to take my camera out to take pictures. I stand there like a statue of liberty all the time.

I managed to go into the underwater world and the dolphine lagoon. Thats all. Then we all chiao back to Park Royal Hotel on Kitchner Road.

** End of Stories **

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Singapore Day 1 (25th December 2008)

I celebrated my Christmas in Singapore. I went there on the 25th instead 24th in order to avoid those crowds and traffic plus I'm sick on xmas eve. But the thing is ... Singapore on the 25th night is still so crowded by people from around the globe, Singaporean, Malaysian, Hong Kong, Korean, Japanese, angmo, blacks, whites, super blacks, super whites ...

Wait … I have no idea where should I start from. So I browse the pictures I took and tell you guys one by one. I’m not good in composing beautiful storyline. Sigh.

What I wore on the first day

Camwhore in the car, sunglas courtesy of Ken

Park royal on Kitchener Road Hotel

My room. 2 nights RM500. zzzz ....

Room for two

Room's View

Another shot

Jamban. So shiny.. shines like LG Shine

Bath tub

Theres a big mirror right infront of the toilet so i camwhored !

Nola .. just to prove that theres a mirror ok!

Place we had our dinner

The Dishesss Delicousssss..

Went to Orchard Road. Look at the CROWD ! Almost like Bintang Walk's crowd in KL excpet there's no spraying around.

Nice Christmas Decorations. Alot better than KL's.

My Backside .. lol

Nice Xmas tree

Andy, Ah suk, Ken

Sweet KinKy And Ken

The Four of usz

My Dupper Expensice Supper ! The not so delicious cheese naan cost me RM8 ! and they charge for the gravy too .. another RM8 ! zzzzz

ps: :Sorry for the bad photographing skill and quality..

Pss: Sorry .. I know this is boring ..


Wait wait ... one more thing ...

Singapore is aint as clean i thought ... --" i still can see rubbish here and there ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008


Counting down to 22 hours and 3o minutes before I could hear people screaming and shouting




These holy words will be echoing around here and there ... from my left ear to my right ear...

Sigh …. Perhaps this year :

- I cant join the crowd ....

- I cant sing along with the crowd ....

- I cant have the chance to hug others and wish them merry Christmas ....

- I cant taste the turkey ....

- I cant dance in the crowd ....

- I cant see the fireworks .....

- I cant .... etc etc ....

I cant even write any longer ....

Thanks to Mr. Fever .... uurrghhhhhhh ~~~~!!!

Bad luck can happen on anyone at anytime and anyplace ...

But ...

I don't have reason to blame god ....

I still believe there's always something good behind bad ....

ZZZzzzzzzzz ...........

My thoughts are disjointed ...

I have no idea what i wanted to say ...

I'm so unconscious ....

I guess i need to get some rest or else i'll pass out in front of my lappie ...

Well ...

I still wanna wish all living organism on earth Merry Christmas .... =)

Share your Christmas story with me ok ?

Love you all ! ^^

Santa ... i'll be waiting for you ... in front of the chimney .... ~~~ poof ~~~

***** Passed out *****

Monday, December 15, 2008

A smile can brighten the darkest day

Tomorrow is my ethic exam and it is my last paper ... yey! but i did not really study for this paper. so Sigh. Its ok.

No, no. Not ok. Quite worry but still not motivated. Anyway, I don't feel like talking about tomorrow's paper. So i browse through the pictures i took few days ago. and ...

Here's a picture i kinda like. I have No idea why because i dont look good in this picture, but i still kinda like it. wtf.

I love seeing people around me smile, especially when they smile .. the smiles could actually reach their ears ... lol .. so sunshine ~

Im off .. back to sticking my eyes on my book.

Have a nice day ! ^^

and remember to smile .. your smile could probably brightened up someone's day. (^.^)v

Friday, December 12, 2008

Always my JuTou

Lee C.C


Its been 433 days since you left us. I wonder how are you now. Everything should be fine. You must have alot of friends because you such an adorable guy. How you holding up? Most probably go fishing or playing around. Just like before.

433 days gone. Things sure felt a little different since you have gone. Nonetheless, i can still feel your warmest smile your sweet evil laughter. Those images we had together linger in my mind from time to time ... sweet and funny ... quiet yet happy ...

Jutou ... I certainly felt strange without you here messaging with me. We been messaging in friendster ... we been joking and talking nonsense but deep down we actually concern about each other's life although we were apart ...

This is a message you sent to me through friendster.

Date : 2nd August 2007

Subject : wei.. wei..

Message : are you ok there?

I see the news that Sg panjang (Sg Long) there got a case eh .. a girl died.

u take good care over there eh ..

I got sent you a few photos ady ..

I still keeping this message incase i miss u i still have somthing to look back. At least I am upset i still have you to look at. Jutou, you know what, i still keeping your phone number and i sent you a message. I wonder if u received it. I have never had the chance to thank you for being so caring.

Jutou, the club house we been hanging around when we were in KTAR had been renovated. The place we used to spent times together during our break in between classes. We meet each other there, sometimes we exchange gifts, we exchange stories, we have our justea drinks, we have some snacks and we exchange nonsense. Those are vivid memories. Ktar changed alot. It is no longer the same Ktar we had our happy moment together. Hey, but guess what, canteen two is still the same old canteen two. the canteen we watched the cat walk together and later u imitate them. You look so silly with the funny walk. like a person walking without a kneecap. ahahaha ... you were funny man... sigh .. how wish u can show me once more.

Jutou, will you forgive not knowing about your leaving? will you forgive me not visiting you in kuching? Sorry. I am so willingly to let you punch. Punch me in my dream at least. As hard as u can. I just wanna feel you around. I want to see your feedback in friendster that i been waiting. I really felt terrible when i read through your comments and only know that you have gone. Sorry. Sorry that i really know about it too late.

Well jutou,

I am fine now. No more bad cases happening in Sg Panjang. If something bad going to happen, i know I'm save under your protection.

My studies are going well. At least i passed everything but theres few more months to go till my graduation day. Talking about graduation, below are some pictures i took with you during our sweet diploma convocation. You look smart on that day ! ^^

Remember that you were holding the flowers my mom gave me? you said no one gave you flowers. I should have give you that roses and My mom wouldnt mind. My mom misses you too.

You asked me to take pictures together with your friends. Sweet. =)

Another shot. Sweat. --"

This is a picture we took with Eleen. Do you still remember this tall girl? She is now a super model. She once said you were handsome. eleh ~~~... dont be flying around knocking yourself on those clouds. ^^

Somehow Without realizing my cheeks are wet. Not a sad post actually. Just wanna write something coz i really miss you badly. How bad it is? Come into my dream and i will let you know! =p I am not giving excuses for you to enter my dream. I really wanna go back to the time where we can talk face to face. Looking at your happy smile, listening to your sarawakian chinese accent watching your funny movement.

Alright, i should stop or else i will be writting none stop.

Well, I am actually so blessed and happy that one point in our life, we became close friends.

Jutou, I miss you.

Till we meet again. ^^