Saturday, May 29, 2010

# 29.05.2010

A year ago mum told me that I'm a loner cause she didn't see me dating.

Today, mum trying to talk me out about getting married.

Come to the point, I don't think I have faith in love, then why marriage?

If one day any of u seeing me getting married, there are 2 reasons.

a) I just want to fulfill mom's dream like how I get myself into college.
b) Imma changed person & I met the real one.

Yet to know huh?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

# 20.05.2010

Can someone please just remind me not to give up.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Small but Great !!

I assume you already know that I had a good start of working life in a small audit firm.
Thou it isn't perfect, but its wonderful.
Yes, I personally think it is a wonderful experience.
With bunch of wonderful ladies, how bad it can be?

Celebrate Shu Mei's (resigned) birthday at Pavilion Sakae Sushi.

Normal ladies do this in the washroom. Especially when there is a big mirror like this !
Fully utilize !!

Yam Seng !

Chloe's farewell in the office at 1am !!

with domino's and tons of work. Poor girl.

She called me Ah Neh. Hmph! and everyone starts calling since then.

And not to be missed, her signature action.

Let me present to u....

The "APalah ~"

Poh Yess's farewell.

Dinner at Cheras. No idea which part of Cheras, but Damn ! The Thai Food is good. Recommended !!

Then visited my ex tax manager

So called "Annual lunch" in Millennium Hotel. Food is not that good. But I heard that the desserts are good. Nah, I don't like dessert. Because I'm not feminine enough.

My birthday dinner with the 2 lovely girls.
They know i do not like to eat cakes, so they replaces it with a bun instead. Clever !

Finally when everyone I heart left the mini maini firm , now my turn for them to celebrate my farewell.
Buahahahaha.. It was a Blast !!
Like how you blast your amplifier !!!!

Manage to take some pictures before I went crazy in the club.
My partey afterall right? :P

Ebby the supervisor. She is really the Super supervisor. Trust me... she is. No one will disagree.
She can kill 3 birds with a stone. fuiseh ~ geng leh ! No picture to prove but just believe lar.

Shareen the intern girl. She is blur at times but cute !

Jessi the normal girl. Yes, finally i found one normal girl in the office. Perhaps I wasn't too close with her also lar. But also not very far lar. Not as close as to them.


The Js !

Please ignore the guy. Drunk case.

My shelter.

My entertainer !

My guru !

Ladies that can never be missed !

The BIG family in a small firm.


Yes.. my "boss" do not hire man !

I bet ..
She wants her husband to be the THORN among the ROSES !
so guys, why not challenge urself and send resume to this small firm.
I give u a kiss if she hires you.

*abrupt break*
I love you ladies ! ever n ever !

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ann Nee ..

Please DO NOT give up.
(A message from myself.)

A message from my lappie.

A message from Joyce.

Even a message from The Star !

click here to read the article from the star dated 9 May 2010

(opsie, didn't notice the notification pop out. tee hee)

You can do it.
Just do it.
Impossible is nothing.
I'm loving it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

# 08.05.2010

I have this instant feeling to travel to another places, alone.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Jutou

It has been 3 years
And I still miss you thhhhiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss bad

Sometimes when I'm really down, I'll just ter-think of you
Wondering if you were shining upon of me
Wondering if you will sing me a lullaby and put me into sleep

Those years today were your birthday
I apologize that I did not have a chance to celebrate this day with you
If there is a chance, I'll just buy 2 cans of Justea and we sit the whole afternoon telling happy stories to each other
Just like what we did last time

Happy birthday Jutou
You should be 26 this year
I miss you

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Monday, May 3, 2010

For the both of you.

Everything happened for a reason.
It's written in English for a reason.
Both of u were bind together for a reason.

It doesn't need to be mentioned.
Because is just deep inside you.
Both of you.
Somewhere ... I know.

I might be somebody who doesn't know the "L" theory.
But I think I can feel the warm between both of you.
The burning sensation in both of you for each other just couldn't be missed.
I can feel.

I'm happy for both of you. (I'm serious)
Never too happy to see both of my bestest buddy got together.
Never too happy to see them share their greatest stories for each other. Together.

I'm not here to give pressure from writing this.
Because I believe it will be a comforting relationship.
As comfort as you see baby sleeping sound on your arm.
To such a baby lover, I guess you know what I'm talking about.

I always have the feeling I'll be writing this blog one day.
Today may not be the best day.
But it will be the day I pour the greatest bless of mine to both of you.

Remember my dear, its all begin from this picture and the word "green tian"

I hope I'm not wrong.

I'm glad, you, my dear girl, u aren't really brain wash by me.So, Bravo!
Love you.
Love both of you as deeply as I can. Hopefully these love stands 1% the love of urs as I don't really have too much"love" left. *teehee*

Dear, next year today ..... remember I am here to be happy for both of you. Always.

-with love to you-