Friday, October 31, 2008


Picture of the day ...

I couldn't recall what we were talking ... everyone seems enjoying the topic ... =)

Candid ..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friends are my Sweetener ...

I received a small gift from my housemate, Eleen, because she thinks that im still in a depression mode after breaking up with my boyfriend and will get psycho anytime if she doesnt pillowtalk me ... (-.-") ...

Eleen and me

Thanx for the bowl of redbean-hanger ...

These are my housemates that i treasure all the moment we had together ... I love you all ... Thanks for spending time with me when i really need you girls ...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Karma

Recently I received an email from a friend and I wanted to share this with all my fellow friends who visit my blog because I belief in those things written below ...

This is true for all even if you are not superstitious or of whatever religious belief ... Faith ...
Walk by Faith

Instructions for life :

1) Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

2) When you lose, you don't lose the lesson.

3) Follow the three R's :
Ø Respect for Itself
Ø Respect for Others
Ø Responsibility for all your actions

4) Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes wonderful stroke of luck.

5) Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.

6) Don’t let a little dispute injure a great relationship.

7) When you realize you made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

8) Spend some time alone everyday.

9) Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.

10)Remember that silence sometimes the best answer.

11) Live a good honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you will be able to enjoy it a second time.

12) A loving atmosphere at your home is the foundation for your life.

13) In disagreements with love ones, deal only with current situation. Don't bring up the past.

14) Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.

15) Be gentle with earth.

16) Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.

17) Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

18) Judge your succes by what you have to give up in order to get it.

19) Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ministry of Sound

Yesterday I went to MOS with Lye hwee and her BF and meeting some other friends there in MOS. I always wanted to visit this place for ages. Yeah, so I finally got to step into this nice place. The place is quite big and they played totally different type of music outside and inside. The stairs up to the room that playing R&B song is so nice covers with blue curtains. The dance floor is so big. The best thing I can say are their dance floor and the surround systems. Thumbs up!! The place was crowded by different types of people, Angmos, Chinese, Indians, others, and i saw Malay too .. woah ~~... Sexy sexy them !!

We stayed in MOS for 2 hours then we decided to leave MOS and go to Barcelona. Sian How with a group of KTAR friends were there. The 10 minutes of walking distance was fun. Lye Hwee and another girl took of their heels due to the pain of wearing it too long and walk all the way from MOS to BARCELONA bare foot! The GREAT Ann Nee been wearing and dancing with her new Purple high heels for 4 hours! The award of being so DAMN GREAT is

Getting CORNS growing on my toes.

We have so much fun dancing with other group of friends there. We shout, we played, we saw our friends kissing, and we prank on a drunken friend. It was fun fun fun!! Eventually we were the last group of people left in Barcelona while other clubbers have dismissed.

After that, we went Asia Café to have our supper and drained out all the liquor after hours of drinking. The whole night i drank only a cup of red wine. Good girl am I ? *giggle* There, the Banting boys busy talking about their story back in Banting and some real funny jokes and Sian how told us how successful he organized the Student Conference in Ktar. He said he felt honored! LOL… Congratulation See Sian How!
We left that place around 5 in the morning.

Finally we reached Forest ( the name of our condo ) around 6am ! Removed all my makeup’s and clean up myself and I able to get on my bed at 7 ! Another super tiring day!!

** Sorry that I didn’t take any pictures of those clubs and crowds due to my low quality of camera phone. =( You don’t believe that I’m carrying a damn low quality of camera phone ??? Below are some pictures I took.

Taken when i was on my way to MOS from the carpark.

The blue colour thingy is the curtains . People are going up the stairs to the dancing hall.

** Believe it or not ?? Believe it ....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laming again

Right after I published my post last night ... Lim Joo came back with her boyfriend (Zhi Wei), her sister (Sin Yee) and Sin Yee's boyfriend (ZelZen) ...
The first thing that came out from Joo's mouth once they stepped into the house was ... "Ann Nee ... Wanna go Genting ? "

“When?” I asked.
“Now!” Joo Screamed.

I stared blankly at her, full of question marks.
I was thinking…

“What you guys wanna do at Genting at this hour?”
“Are you guys trying to joke at me or are you guys being serious?”
“You guys want me to go Genting with THREE pairs of lovers?”

Ok… Ok… Not to make you muddle-headed, let me explain why three pairs …
As what I have mentioned above, there are already 2 pairs. So, another pair is Lye Hwee who went there earlier and her “BF” (Kok How) which is on his way up to Genting to look for her.

Joo keep on asking me to join them … It took me 20 minutes to decide …
Join ? No ? Join ? No ? zzzzzz ……
JOIN !!! I’ve decided to become one day LOSER … Sob~ Sob~

So we started our journey around 1045pm … we took approximately one hour to reach Genting from this dead-town SgLong. We met Lye Hwee there … talk for while, and then she went missing with Kok How …
After that I joined the other 2 couples into Casino … This is my second time entering casino … We were in the casino for 3 hours … What I did to kill this 3 hours than letting the time kills me… ? I GAMBLE! Ahaha … My virgin hand … no longer virgin anymore … Sob~~ Sob~~

Since there was only RM7 in my damn wallet, I took out 2 pieces on RM1 and leave another piece of RM5 incase I’m hungry… I gambled RM1 for 2 games each on “Keno” …

It is something like buying 4D … So I lost a game and won a game … but I’m still losing RM1 … ahahah… its ok … better than those “LAN DOU GUAI” (Spoiled Gamble Ghost) losing over 1K … tsk ~ tsk ~ tsk ~

4 ++ am … On the way back to our car, I saw an old and disabled lady who was begging for money and food perhaps shelter too. So I took out the RM1 that I still have it with me and donated ….sigh… I know I’m stingy … =( but …. but … sigh … I know I shouldn’t make any explanation which u guys might think that I making excuses … but … but I only left RM5 with me … =( pity me also k?

Before Zhi Wei send Sin Yee and ZelZen back to Damansara, we stopped by a mamak to have our Supper/Breakfast … “Breakper” ? “Supfast”?
There, we saw the cutest cat ever … It doesn’t “miao” at us like other cats … the cat just staring innocently at us … this cat has a very fat round chubby face … a lot more adorable than


(Sorry ... no picture of the cute cat … overly tired)

I was super tired … by the time we reached the dead town … its already 5 something almost 6 in the morning … ** Good morning to the Muslims … I heard they started the prayer … so it’s a save of time to look at my watch … ** <-- ISA Tangkap ?
I “mandi kerbau” and I quickly changed to my pajamas and jumped onto my bed …

“Good Morning world … Good Night Ann Nee …” zzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My dinner

It’s another rainy day ... The rain doesn’t fail to come and visit us in Sg Long …
Despite of this rain and this rich but empty town … the best thing I can do is blog, surf, eat, SLEEP ( rain + sleep = perfect match !! ) !
Besides, Lye Hwee ( my roommate ) went to Genting Highland with her classmate and she will only be back tomorrow and Lim Joo went out with her boyfriend ... this house has again conquered by this lame me ...
Apparently, its time to have my dinner … Because I was so lazy and it’s so troublesome to go out to buy dinner when it is raining, I made myself a simple yet wonderful dinner …
Let’s see what I did …

I cook pasta !

Almost done !

Taaa Daaa ~~~~

I forgot to take picture of the empty plate after swallowing all the bit of pasta into my stomach ... ahaha... because i have such big apetite today ... the bit of pasta only fill 60 % of my big fat stomach ... thus, i have something else to fill up the rest 40 % !

(lets pray that i won't kena melamine, LOL)

Yeah ... I'm FULL !!
** Thank god for the wonderful meal ....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Younger me ?

Captured on 21st september 2008

Captured on 11th October 2008

Captured 18th October 2008

Do I look younger with fringe ? Yes/No

Do i look DUMBer with fringe ? Yes/Yes

Thank you for answering !

Friday, October 17, 2008

This website, is so hilarious ...

I'm not so sure what the purpose of this website ... is because out of no where it links us to some other Freaking EXPENSIVE Stores...

But i can asure you that you will spend some great time sticking at the website...
Go grab some JUNK food before scrolling down the page...
And please laugh if you in deep need to LAUGH ...

But please ... please do not get CHOKED ... because I'm not providing any CPR services here...

So I’ll present to you the

ANCIENT Ann Nee ... which isn’t that ANCIENT...




1. Luckly i wasn't born in 1952 ... or else i'll be look like this ...

*gulp* ... handsome-nye ... --"

2. "Teacher" Look (1954)

3. .................. (fill in the blank youself)

I wonder what happen to the upper left of this unique hair ... (-.-")

4. Hao poh style

*wink* *wink*

5. Feel like pinching my chubby face ?

6. Hey .. wait wait .. pinch this !

7. My head weigh 50% of my total weight because of this hair !

8. When i was living during the world war, one boom landed on my hair ...

9. One way of saving money from buying HAT ... go perm your hair into HAT !

10. Ahahaha .... man ... what can i say ?

11. Anyone need Ancient that isn't so ancient angmo girlfriend ?

12. When one watched too much of THUNDERCATS ..

13. This hair looks like a chinese temple roof ... dont you think so?

14. This is how a good girl should look like ... (basically this is my type of look) *giggle* ...

** This lame surfing activity was recommended by my lame classrep, Vincent CCC ... you can see how lame is him by visiting his lame blog ... ahahaha ...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Freaking Tuesday !

I'll use KaiXeN style to write this blog ... LOL

Yesterday was a super tiring day ...

I wonder what i did yesterday ...

I Woke up at

I prepared myself ...

Brushed my smelly-stained-teeth

wore a very lame outfit

Packed my bag

and off to school

(I wonder when is the next semester break )

A very HOLY one-hour-class i attended where the lecturer going to teach us a Holy subject ... LOL

Since the class end at 9am, we decided to starve our stomach to wait for the 1130 SUSHI KING BONANZA, where everyone will be like hungry sumo grabbing for sushi ... --"

Within 2 hours, 6 of us ate 42 plates of sushi ... --" Our friends next to our table have more than 50 plates ! We are the loser ... boohooo~~ but we really enjoyed eating the 42 plates of sushi ...

I guess everyone is eating for the sake of RM2 .. not because they really wanna eat for the sake of eating ... --" "Malaysian" boleh ...

After that we walked around the shopping mall to kill our time to wait for the next class at 330pm .. Me, sinjoo and laikheng stepped into the gate of heaven for all the ladies...

I spent RM70 inside this HEAVEN ... !!!

Without realizing the time flies so fast .. we have already spent more than an hour wondering inside this shop ... --"

We met up with the rest of our classmates in the bowling alley and we rushed back to school to attend another HOLY class .. Business ethic ... This semester i'll soon be a holy girl by stucking lots of morals and ethics into my bird brain ...

During the 3 hours class ... I can see so many mouths opened big and then closed like a fish gasping for air...

Heads dropping and pulling back like fishing rod ... some even lied on the table as if it was thier pillows ...

Finally we able to survive for the 3 hours class not smacking by the tutor because of snoring out loud !

After the class we went to the night market for our dinner ... I ate the curry noodle so fast as if i was joining an eating competition ... or else the rain going to mixed with my bowl of curry ... --"

I reached home around 8pm ... I have my shower and came out seeing my room flooded by the rain sneaking trough my unclosed window ... sigh .. I spent almost an hour to dried up my room ... urrrghhh ~~~

One bloody hour gone ... And i need to spend another hour to go and clean myself up again and wait for my hair to dry ... Instead of planning to sleep at 8 something .. I end up going to bed at 10 smth !!

What a great day i have !

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Have you ever ...

Do you ever feels like lying on the bed but you know you are not sleepy...
You neither need any rest nor you were tired...
You just feel like lying on the bed because you do not have the mood to do anything else but lying on the bed...
You stare at the ceiling or at the wall...
And in your mind, you are actually thinking of someone...
Someone that you adore... Someone that you really concern...
You might wonder what is he or she actually doing right now...
Is he or she missing you at the same moment too?
Or is he or she actually doesn't felt the same to you...
You feel are so aimless... so perplexed... so helpless...
Ask yourself...
Are you inlove?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sushi King

Its Sushi King's Bonanza !
So almost everyone i know (housemates , friends, family) have already enjoyed eating these cheap sushi ! Sigh... i wanna eat too... Is there anyone willing to bring me there... ?? I dont mind queuing up for you... LOL ... sound so pathetic...

While everyone was out there having thier wonderful time queuing and waiting for thier turn ...

I am actually enjoying my "sushi" at home too ! Boohooo... u guys need to starve for an hour to have ur meal ... and i already started eating my sushi at home !!

Hmm ... =/ I have my own style of sushi ... "rice" with "tiny-crispy-unagi" ... with egg and crispy nuts ... ohya ... not to forget my fried chicken wing too... dipped with red colour wasabi without soy source... HMMM !!!

It only cost me RM3.80 !!

You probably able to have only two tiny plates of sushi

and cost you RM4 !!

LOL ...

Alright alright ... I'm the loser ... boohoo .... =(

I want to eat sushi ...~~ I want to eat sushi... ~~ (only during the promotion period because ....

I want to join the crowd too ... XD

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I saw this quote when i was browsing for pizzas...

"We live in an age when pizza boy gets to your home before the police"

ahahaha ... It probably make sense ...

You can be the fastest police car, but still I'm the one reaching First ! I took 25 minutes ... how bout you ??

Boooo hooooo ~~~

I'm stranded at home today while everyone went out to have fun before i could even get up from my smelly bed ... mom is too busy to prepare dinner for me and her beautiful daughter (*vomit*) is lazy too ... therefore to make my life easier, i ordered Domino's pizza and serve with a movie

" The strangers"

I was so afraid that the sound effects will choke me ... so I lower down the volume that i can hardly listen to those conversation ... (-.-)" DUMBO !

Maaaa ... Don't feel guilty for leaving me alone at home ... cause i have a goodtime hanging in front of the lappie with the

Garlic Bread (a.k.a Breadstick) & Spicy Sausage pizza

& 2 cans of COKE !

Maaa ... your daughter soon will grow fatter than you ... sama-sama kurus, sama-sama gemuk ok ?

One more thing that make my life today even more lame : -

Because this combo meal i ordered is serving 2 pax, and so this meal come with exactly 2 pieces of


(swt... abang ... tak boleh kasi lebih ke?)