Monday, February 1, 2010

2 days before my birthday

I have this thinking that I am going to get crazee this weekend but it was unexpectedly happened the other way round. I have this very ..... weekends. Everyone just seems too busy for me. Have the thought that I can celebrate my birthday in advance with the people I love to hang out with.
But nevermind. Yes, I am abit sad. But nevermind. Will keep telling myself not to mind. It is just a birthday anyhow. I'm going to have this day again next year. And I can get crazee, not now but next year. Is just a matter of time right? :)


Is time to stay at home and do some thinking. Its been a while the last time I really have time for myself, reading books, do some serious blogging, spend time in saloon and shopping mall alone and stepping into the kitchen and made my favourite dish.

One mistake I made in my life actually changed the whole me.

I met up with my ex-housemate/ex-classmate/bff/pillowmate this morning. I'm glad that I actually said out a secret that I been hiding/keeping all the while. It is such a release. Thou it has nth to do with her. Nth to with you. Only me. It has been the worst nightmare I had. The one that have been haunting me for a year. For a whole damn year.
I still remember I cried in the middle of the night and went to look for a best friend of mine. And poof~ the night life of mine begin .... in a improper way ( if only drinking and dancing are improper) .. but happy. happy enough to at least put those sad love songs aside.


I was on my way back today using DUKE.
Saw Genting Highland from far and how much I wish that I am there at the moment.
Feeling the breeze wiping trough my face.
Breathing in the cooling fresh air.
Sipping a cup of hot chocolate.
Listening to jazz.
Looking at the twinkling light.


How much I wish that I am smilling now. Genuine one.