Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hada Labo

Heard of that before?


Phew ~ ... I'm still the normal one.

Anyhow, I realize people been talking about this everywhere. It's a facial product from Japan, I guess, cause it loads with Japanese words plus a few of Chinese. (Its written there, "made in China" , -.-"). I still believe its a Japanese product lar. Is like some cars from Japan but they were assembled in Malaysia, and we still call it Japanese car. Right? Sama lar..

Click here to see more lar !

I don't actually really cares where it came from. The thing that made my eyes grow bigger by 1 inch are


Got so Kua Jiong anot oh !!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

My favorite scene #1

From : Things I want my daughter to know.

"My lovely Lisa,

We're the closest, you and me, in many ways. I think we're alot alike. You're my first born child, and the person who first showed me the miracle of this love a mother should has for her child. You made every morning a Christmas morning. Thank you for that. There's lots of things I dont even think I need to say to you because I think you know them already. I love you. So much. You are the strongest I think. Too strong for you own good, maybe. Ask Andy about that sometime. By the way, I love him, did I ever tell you that? So to you, my darling girl, a request instead a bequest. Look after your sisters for me. Look after Mark. And let someone to look after you.


Andy answered the phone on the second ring. Lisa's voice sounded muffled and hoarse.
' That was quick,' she said.
' I tot it might be you.'
' It's me.'
' Hello, me.'
' What you doing?'
' Watching footie. You?'
' Calling you.'
' How was it?'
' I'm sorry I asked you not to come.'
' That's ok.'
' Its not ok, Andy. It was stupid. I dont know what I was thinking.'
' I dont think you really were thinking. I dont mean that sound unkind. I just mean that it wasnt really about thinking, it was more about feeling. You wanted to do it wihout me, on your own.'
' Dont be so bloody reasonable with me!'
' Sorry.'
' And dont be bloody sorry!'
' Its me who should be sorry.' She paused. ' I wished you had been here.'
' Me too.'
For just a while Lisa sat with the phone and listened to Andy breathing, which was almost comforting as an embrace. Then she sighed.
' So I guess I'll see you tomorrow.'
' I'll be here.' He was being so careful of her.
' Goodnight.'
' Goodnight, Lisa.'

He'd heard a break in her voice when she said that last word, and that was all he needed. He hadn't been watching the football. He'd been sitting on the sofa in front of the football, but wasn't the same thing. Now he stood up and grabbed his car keys from the stand by the front door and went where his mind and his heart had been all day.

As he drove, a lil too fast via the M25, he listened to the radio, a lil too loud, and wondered, not for the first time in the last two years, what the hell was going on in Lisa's head. She wasn't like any woman he'd ever known before. The highs were higher and the lows were lower........

...... So when she said she wanted to do this funeral thing alone, he went along with it, and let her do it alone. And her voice broke on the mobile, he broke everything and went to her. And when he parked and climbed out, the car door sounding incredibly loud in the dark, still silence, and caught the twitched of the curtains in the bedroom with the light still on, and waited for her to open the door, and picked her up, clutching her tightly and silently to him, he knew that it had all been the right thing to do. For both of them.


Badly missing the J's

I miss the time when 3 of us sitting at the back with out scarf on because it was freaking cold. Listening to the musics coming out from the ancient radio which we been told by Alvin that he will change soon as the volume will just go up n down by itself where we already gave up tuning it again n again.

I miss the days when Jass talks to herself and Joyce and me was wondering what the hell going on with her.
I doubt she got no one to talk to when she was young and that is how she developed the "talking to herself" skill.

I miss the days when Joyce laugh at me when I sang "because of you" ... and of coz it I was out of tune. Later, she was one of them singing out of tune.

I miss the time when Jass shake me like she was making a milk shake and Joyce will just scold her on behalf of me because i gave up scolding her.

I miss the time when Jass got shock when I screamed at her when she intended to bully me again.

I miss the time when 3 of us talk like nobody business at the back and sharon walks in n cought us speaking in Chinese. (I'm the one who always get cought! Damn. but it was fun. =D)

I felt secured when Joyce is around because she will just protect me when she tracked someone has the intention to bully me. especially Jass. I'm like a child of hers.

I always feel entertain whenever Jass is around. I'm sure everyone feel the same way too. She's just too dramatic not to be laughed!

I miss them even more when i start realizing that 3 of us got influenced by each other's attitude.

I just miss the J's.

Me, Jass and Joyce


Monday, April 19, 2010

# 19.04.2010

I just feel like blogging but i have nothing special to share this time. Anyhow, i dont think there's anyone here reading my lame blog.

So Wtf.. I still feel like blogging ok? So just read. =P

I had a wonderful Saturday with my colleagues in Quattro (minus the time that i saw my ex.)

(L - R : Jass, Joyce, Me, Ashley, Sabrina, Ebby, Karen, Jessi, Sharene)

We had so much fun dancing around girls and guys nearby just cant resist but to look at us ! (coz we like so bergaya ok?) It was awesome. We was like some Party Diva. LOL. I made this rule that we must wear bareback on that day. But ended up I'm the only one wearing. Whatever. We still have the greatest time regardless the dress code !

I slept for 3 hours and i got to get up n pack my clothes n head to genting. =D Planned to go Safari after dinner in the room. But i dozed off after 3 seconds. -.-"

Btw.. he gave me Rilakuma !!!!

So cute.. *wet eyes*

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Someone told me ...

I got to be more flexible. coz human kind born to be flexible.

We shall not expect to win hence no heartache if we lost.

And I wonder ...

If i can apply this into a relationship.

One shall expect their another half will one day break up with him/her.

Hence no tears?


Thou once a while I hope I am thinking that way.

Love ain't forever.

Isn't so?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

# 04.04.2010

Feeling so tipsy right now. Took a bottle of wine from home n drank all by myself. Hopefully I can have a wonderful sleep tonight after a sleepless week.

Hmmm... At this moment.. I feel so stressless. How i wish it wouldnt end by tmr morning.

Stand strong Ann Nee !!

You can do it !!

Hold on to your belief !!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

# 02.04.2010

Been struggling with works and unstable emotional for the past few days and hoping for a relaxing friday where she can go for a movie to pamper myself but things turn out to be worse than i thought. Spent rm20 on the movie ticket but couldn't watch it. Feeling so hopeless.