Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm truly sorry for not blogging for 2 weeks due to the hectic schedule and a serious disease I’m suffering. STML. 3 assignment due on the same week plus a mid term test, although I know I am going to screw up my midterm test this time.

Apart from that super busy Uni life, I am busy shopping with Miss CLK. Busy camwhore while shopping.

I seriously spent a lot. Gosh. One day I’m going to beg by the street for being so broke. I’ll put my make up using the products I bought in SASA,

I wear the Forever21 dress and the fringe bag.

I sit on the floor right in front of Station 1 with a plastic transparent cup on my hand. Wtf.

Ohya, besides that I can only update my blog on weekends when I’m back to Seremban because my Sg. Long house’s Streamyx has been “indirectly terminated”. Ahahahaha .. YES! Indirectly terminated!

Allow me to continue from where I stop from the previous post. All the camwhore and candid pictures I took. Remember? I said I took more than 200 pictures on that day but most of them are my lovely housemates and Ms CLK, the camwhore queen. I think I’m going to get smashed by her in the school. Ahha.. By the way, I’m not going to upload all 200 + .. jangan giler !

Here I come. Jeng jeng jeng …

Ladies and Gentlemen: Eleen aka tall girl. 178cm! It still makes me feel like a dwarf with 4 inch heels standing next to a 178cm without heels. Alright. Let’s see what she brought to us today.

Next will be the snow white, fairest among all. Can a snow white be the dwarf at the same time? No?

Say YES!

Lol. No offend lye hwee. :P
You are just too cute. Nah… Too silly. If I have the voting right, I will surely nominate her as the capten of Tanjung Rambutan. But, sadly I dont have, because i am not part of the resident there. ahaha..

Alright, next! wtf. How come I started to sounds like I’m doing an auction?
Next, A masterpiece from the GOD. Miss CLK. Prettiest among all I must say. Oohhhhhhh .. Ms CLk, I know I’m sweet …. Ahaha… you are pretty.

Watch her eyes

I couldn’t take any Sinjoo’s picture. She’s just too shy. A modest girl I shall say. But I managed to take some of her shy yet pretty look in the car before we stop by in station 1.

She's pretty. Isnt she ? :)

We pretty. Arent we? ahahaha...

I LOVE that pictrue.

178cm with 165cm

Opz. Got cought.

That's my life ... friends and family ... loads of love from them. No words i can describe how much i wanted to thank them.

I'm inlove .... i'm so inlove with my life now. Ann Nee is standing real stong now! hei yak !

Now VIVA passed, Thesis done, assignments done, midterms over but my worst ever nightmare going to hunt me soon.

My next coming weeks resolution :

- Stay in library at least 4 days in a week and study ! i can do it . i can do it. i can do it . i can do it. i can do it .......................... pray hard ............................

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I had my Research presentation a.k.a VIVA last Friday. Thing goes pretty well that day, however, I still think that I was a bit too nervous while giving out my speech.
Now my VIVA is over, thought of resting for at least one day. but, life is getting even busier after VIVA. 3 assignments due next week and 1 midterm test on friday. So, do forgive me if this post is kinda boring, dull, spiritless out or whatever . because i way too tired ady. mentally tired.

Below are bit of my pictures taken the other day.

Looks familiar ?

My Research group memebers are my housemates too. and also the resident of tanjung rambutan except the first one from the left. pls take note.

The four ladies and their small campus.

4 ladies in the thier small campus's library. This is the place where me and lihwee used to sit.

4 ladies and their small campus library's stairs. lol.

Lihwee and Eleen said i look sweet in this picture . hmmm ...

The pretty one right behind of me is MissCLK, waiting for her VIVA at 2pm. She looks so different with her ponytail.

We camwhore all the where to out next destination, and guess what. We spent almost 5 hours there. I'll post more about it next day. and alot of pictures i've taken. more than 200.

Stay tuned.