Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Holidays #1

Sweat. I just realize I have 6 GB, more than a thousand of pictures, more than 1 big photo album I used to keep those printed pictures. All these cost me more than hundred bucks. Uurrghhhhh.
I have no idea how to post up the more-than 1 thousand pictures so I’ll choose the best one alright? Oh wait, so you know where I went aren’t u? No? Alright, scroll down. I’ll tell you the story one by one.

Day #1

Went all the way from Sg Long to PWTC to take Public Bus to Terenganu. What a long journey. We spent 8 hours praying hard that we can reach safely there as we were like riding a roller coaster.

-End of day 1-


(sorry, I know its kinda blur but this is the best because im inside! ahaha.)

Stop by for breakfast before getting into the boat to Perhentian Island.

Yuhuuuuu ... heading Perhantian Island.

When I see this I cant resist but to sing " balik kampung ~~ oh oh oh balik kampung~~ "

What we did on day 2 are


snoker and

also snoker.

Hey, tell you what, I was being peeped and captured when I was washing my hair

... and I still managed to smile at the camera. :D lol.

-End of day 2-


I went Redang Island. witt~ such a beautiful place. So hot. So bright. So white that it blinded my eyes. uuhh~ .. I'm blind.

Alright. I'll stop being lame.

uuhh~ I'm blind. LOL.

uuhhh~~ I'm captain Jack Saprrow .. Don't mess with me. huhu~

Hey, check this out. ulala ~~

crystal clear sea. ulala~

My 418-roomates (L-R: Me, Miss CLK, hui yun, Lct)

Us @ Redang Reef Resort.

Miss CLK, one of my Besties in UTAR. xoxo



07/08 batch of group 11 is prepare to go for snorkeling again.

Biggest EEL I've seen

Apa ikan ini? Ikan Sepet?

Too exhausted.

Nice? i mean the Love build of sand.

-End of day 3-


Jungle tracking

Kena buried

Revenge time

I went for Kayaking. My first time. So tiring. Luckly behind be sitting a man hunk. So I can relax. Phew~

-End of Day 4-

.End of My holidays#1 story.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This will be a very short post because I am rushing out to celebrate my high school friend's birthday.

I am back 2 days ago from the "somewhere" I mentioned previously. I will post more about it few days later because tomorrow I need to attend another farewell party of my college's friend. He is going to UK to furthur his studies. ish~. envy envy.

Anyhow, below is one of the picture I took during the trip.

Gorgeous isnt it?

Oit, I meant the Unicorn lar. I'm not that perasan kay !

Come on ..... start guessing where I went. It is so Supah Blot-dy easy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Will be away for another week.
class trip to somewhere.
will post about it once I got back.
Lurve u guys.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guess where i went !

I'm not writting any description for those pictures below. :P
But I'll write it later. So at the moment guess where I went !

[ Darius got to guess it correctly. :( ]

Heading to KLCC

Nando's chicken for brunch.

I like this. Nando's Garlic source and Extra Hot chilli.

All the 4 saurces. Garlic, Tomato, Hot, Extra Hot.

My favourite drink there. Sparkling Apple.

This eel can kill a cow ! incredible. then I guess the eel can kill me 10 times.


Fishes again!

The fattest frog I've ever seen

Looking for the missing Red Iguana.

The Tarantulas.

wallpaper. ahaha.

trying to ignore the warning hanging there.

Oh ! caught!

Do you know how this turtle posed?

Like this with the mouth open BIG. Ahhhhh~~
The Iguana is thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss long !

The fish is also thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss long. longer indeed.

I cannot resist to write this because i wanted to tell u so badly that the fish and i have the same gene. The sexy-lip-gene. ahahahaa.

How come I posed like I'm praying. -.-"
Cutest fish ever. I tot that is the eyes and mouth. ahaha... it is actually thier "salutan pernafasan".(english?)

SHARK !!!!

Why girls like to camwhore.


Friendly stingray. I like playing with it.

Saw the BIG stingray ???

I like this.

This is the picture where DARIUS saw the KLCC AQUARIA word. No doubt, He has very sharp eyes. Use to peep through many glasses to spot pretty girls? ahaha.

Last picture before heading back to Sg Long.

*abrupt stop*

Got to go.

[I'll give you a hot and spicy flying kiss for those who can answer correctly. ahaha.

Not applicable to those who already know!]