Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How long I have been not blogging? And how many times I start my each post with that sentence?


Anyhow, I have spent my days happily, didnt know I really do enjoy my life now.
Getting new friends, spending great time with them, and getting involve in new things like car drifting, trying out new jobs, getting compliments, all the sweet laughter ... and the list goes on. Not to be missed.


I'm not here to vain about myself, but I just want to say that, is time to put all the bad romance aside and move on !

A thing to remind myself too.

Pictures will be uploaded once I have it on hand.

Thou I had so much fun time. But I think you have to sacrifice something else to be happy.
I did not sacrifice anything yet, except valuable resting time, but I've gone fatter due to eating too much nice food. grrrr...

and again .. stay tuned ! =P