Monday, January 19, 2009

Alright, I know I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, I know I didn’t blog for quite some time. Is not that I am not free, is just that I have no idea what to blog about. Talks about Chinese New Year decorations in shopping complex like what Vincent did? Nah … I didn’t go for my Chinese New Year shopping. Not even a piece of clothes I bought. Not even a piece of new underwear. Not even a proper window shopping in Seremban.

So you can guess how boring was my holidays. Ok. You don’t need to guess. I’ll just tell you that my holidays are damn boring! Waking up when sun rise right above my butt, have my brunch when normal people suppose to have high tea, check my mail thou I know that no one will email me except or those friendster and facebook alerts, on my msn knowing that no one will talk to me or even nudge me end up staring blankly on the screen thinking what to do next. Normally I will just go back to my room and jump to my bed and snores after 3 seconds. Woke up when the moon starts to chase the sun away. And then I’ll repeat what I did during the day from A to Z.

Yaya … lifeless, dull life, boring, you name it.

I have been through my first week of study of my final semester. Nothing special. Nothing extraordinary. I still sit where I used to sit in lecture hall. I still see who I saw previously in the lecture hall. I still not concentrate in the class like who I was previously in the lecture hall but I don’t sleep!! Things that are different are the lecturers and tutors. And of coz the subjects I need to study. But, one thing that makes my whole final semester so different is that I do not need to walk to school or tumpang friend’s car anymore. Thanks to my lovely dad and mom who bought me a new blue myvi. LOL. Yes, Caribbean Blue! Some say this color sucks some said cute.

And I’ll say fantastic. Fantastic that it has 4 tyres, air conditioned, tinted windows and music player. I treated the rest as complimentary accessories to me. Ahaha.
Anyone who doesn’t mind that my car doesn’t have break and steering can jump into my car. I’ll ride you to school!

Alright. That’s lame.

I watched Wild Child last night. Girlie movie I’ll say. And it is nice. I love poppy’s new hair. How about you?? I guess her new hair is brunette ... brunette ??? i guess larrr ... no idea .. my hair is still virgin .... ahahaha ...

One of the MANY pictures I took before i go for the Teamcity UOTT. You don't know what's UOTT stands for? I'll elaborate.

UOTT = UnOfficial Teh Tarik. Don't ask me why. I'll ask you back the same question. wtf.

ahaha ...

Friday, January 2, 2009


I have nothing to blog about but i have nothing to do but blogging .. ahaha .. forget about what i post previously. I guess i was just too emo. I'm alot better now.

Let bygones be bygones.

Ann Nee will stand strong in this new era !!

Seriously I have nothing to blog about. So I randomly picked some pictures and tell stories about it la. ok? ^^ I was like forcing you guys to read. lol.

Here's a picture i forgotten to upload it when i talked about thee Singapore trip. I went to Sentosa underwater world and saw this giant crap!

Holy crap ! It is so freaking HUGE !! Its about 1.8 metre. When i look back at this picture goose bump starts growing from my finger tips to my neck to my ears and then my hair stands like this


My grumpy roomate's, Lye hwee, birthday has already past almost a month but i still wanna wish her happy belated birthday and hope that your journey on the train with KH will never stop. lol.. actually i wanted to ask you ler lye hwee. Wheres your destination actually har? Marriage registratiion office or church? ahahaha .. I better stop before she throw my bed out of tha balcony.

oh .. i found 2 pictures taken during your birthday.

All are the members of Tanjung Rambutan Association except the girl in red.

I wonder if my housemates gonna read this. lol. anyone willing to spare me a little space to sleep if my bed landed on the ground floor?


oh, yeah, previously i was talking about the twilight soundtract few weeks back and i said im going to let you guys know whats my favoutite track. My favourite track Is ...

jeng jeng jeng ..

Supermasive Black hole !!!

sang by this three endao kia .. MUSE !

All the songs are nice but i like this most. Perhaps i am into this kind of music. A little bit hard rock plus a little bit r&b and abit linkin park style. yea yea .. I forgotten. one more song is from linkin park.


But for those who really







this movie and this book must listen to Claire De Lune ! Bella and Edward's favourite. Hey, Edward Cullen leh ... every girl's dream guy. Her dream guy and my dream guy perhaps

HIS dream guy.

ahaha .. So is he your dream guy? ^^ By the way, when i said Edward Cullen, I mean Edward Cullen in the book, not in the movie, not Robert Pattinson. and how come everyone was talking and fancying about edward cullen. Why no one talks about Isablella Swan? So bias ga ! tsk tsk ~ I love Bella. She always thinks and cares about others. Just like me. ahahaha.


Alright. Two more random pictures before I end my rubbish for today.


a peace perhaps ? (^.^)v

These pictures taken after the final presentatation of the semester. 9 days left before new semester starts. Sigh. I must fully utilize these 9 golden days ! What i should do? No ... not thesis please ! Im not ready to touch nor smell the journals !! How bout some chinese new year shopping? Anyone? ^^

Alright. That all for my random post. lol. I'll stop being lame.

Happy new year again. muah ~~