Thursday, July 30, 2009

Party till you FALL !

I know certain people been saying that Ann Nee has changed alot.
I know how people may missunderstand Ann Nee of her changes.
But, seriously I blame no one for the rumours or misunds.
Frankly, I give no damn.


I still like to dance like nobody business.

Btw, that was just a posing.

Alright. I went to the famous 4 seasons club on this one fine Saturday after "retiring" for 3 months.

Quite happy that I have the chance to once again club with my old KAKIs.

Always the boss.

Never sober him and never drunken me. lol

Issac the lonesome and Ann Nee the dumbest.

pssst ... pssstt ...

A crowded night.

This is when the people starts to get abit tipsy.

and then get drunk.

And yet I am still able to hold the title of Never-Drunken me.

Have you ever dance under the snow?

You should try it here.

Basically I dont really know this girl. But who really cares that we know each other anot. As long as we are in club, we dance like we have been knowing each other for a century.

And I think this is only usually happen to the same sex.

Including man perhaps?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


..... It's been a while, perhaps alot "while" since my last post about my super hero father.
I miss him, I miss his wife/my mom, and I miss you.
Been working for three weeks, more than 230 hours. So, basically I have no time for myself, for my friends and for my lovely readers. The 24/7 online "Ann Nee" have long been missing.
I miss those days.
I miss the previous Ann Nee.
Well, thing has changed and stronger I will be.
Ann Nee is not reborned but revealed the inner her.

After so long, I hope there's not much changes to my look.
However, below are some latest pictures I have taken.
Courtesy goes to SS-06, Edwinnwh.

And yes, it is a very short post because it is 11.15pm and I usually sleep at 10.
This is so not me.