Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Father's Day.

I know I am abit too late of posting this to wish my lovely dad Happy Father's Day.

After so many years of inhale and exhaling gas, I, today, want to tell the whole world that

How much I wanted my husband to be like you
How much I love you of taking care of me all these years until I've successfully graduated from a university
How much I adore you for being such a wonderful man

Happy Father's day
You are always my HERO


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Once my MJ, Forever my MJ

After so long of not updating my blog, I planned to write this instead of my trip to bali.
On 26th June 2009
I was really shocked reading the news of his death.
I was so shocked that I thought someone just putting prank on me like 26th June is actually 1st of April.
"FOOL YA ! MJ is still alive .. woohoooo~!"
I couldnt even want to believe that this is actually hapenning.
I was once a child being frightened by MJ's song, "I'm Bad". Try turning the volume to the highest and play the song. I bet u'll get frightened too.

MJ, rock the people in heaven like how you have rock everyone of us on earth. Show the angel how to moon fly instead of moon walk!
Teach the angels how to SCCrreeeaaammmmmm~~ AAooouuuuuuuu !!
Afterall, MJ, I hope that you living a better life now, and i really appreciate that you had actually care about me.

I'm O.K. MJ, will always do. :D
You are the LEGEND. (^^)v

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cutaneuos Larva Migrain

This is the Larva Migrain.
Something like worms incubating eggs inside and crawl inside your skin. Click on it to know more about it.

Yes, I was infected by this Larva Migrain most probably during my trip to Perhentian and Redang Island. People, be more careful when playing with sands and while snorkeling aorund ok. Wash clean clean after all the activities.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy - Sad

Ann Nee went for shopping to buy a photo album to insert all the photos she taken during the trip to Perhentian Island.

She is so happy the she finally found one cheap (she is so broke during the holidays season. One thing that u couldnt enjoy during your holidays is receiving pocket money!.) and nice photo album. So without hesitation she went to the cashier open up her wallet and pay for the cheap and nice photo album.

Then, She hoping back to the car singing " joy to the world ~~ lalala ~~", back home she goes.

She can't wait to enjoy the moment of arranging her photos, from the first picture she taken to the last one.

Arrange, arrange and arrange with a big smile painted on her face.

She is definitely enjoying it. She unwrapped the photo album and take a few pictures before putting the photos into the album, planning to blog how happy she is. *She's writting now*.

Once she opened up the album, she starts inserting the pictures. Her heart suddenly felt so weak, is like u sitting on the Space Shot when u falling from the highest peak to the lowest peak. She realized she bought the wrong size of photo album. and she also realize she just wasted another 13 bucks which she can use it to buy another useful thing. grrrrrr....

She is still the Dumbest Blogger after all.


Sometimes I just feel like getting drunk. When I mean drunk, it is not the kind of getting only tipsy. But drunk! When you can’t even recall what you did last night. Yes, that kind of drunk.

There are too much things to be bothered. You hope you can just temporarily put those aside for a moment and enjoy your life. You hope that things will automatically be better the next day when you don’t feel like bothering it,

“what? Solved? Weeeee~~~”,

yeah, that kind of situation.
I definitely know that this is an act or irresponsible. I know it is too na├»ve. But you do still want this to happen on you, perhaps “sometimes”. At least to myself. There’s no need for me to deny.

When I am in deep dilemma.
When there’s conflict.
When there’s problem I do not want really want to face.

But …
In some corner of your heart you know you still need to stand strong and face the problems. Even when you have been hurt, stand up.. stand strong.. everything will be alright one day.

*my mind is disjointed, pardon for the broken and meaningless sentence.*

I am stronger than yesterday. But how much stronger I can be?