Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How long I have been not blogging? And how many times I start my each post with that sentence?


Anyhow, I have spent my days happily, didnt know I really do enjoy my life now.
Getting new friends, spending great time with them, and getting involve in new things like car drifting, trying out new jobs, getting compliments, all the sweet laughter ... and the list goes on. Not to be missed.


I'm not here to vain about myself, but I just want to say that, is time to put all the bad romance aside and move on !

A thing to remind myself too.

Pictures will be uploaded once I have it on hand.

Thou I had so much fun time. But I think you have to sacrifice something else to be happy.
I did not sacrifice anything yet, except valuable resting time, but I've gone fatter due to eating too much nice food. grrrr...

and again .. stay tuned ! =P


Monday, November 23, 2009


I just realize previous post isn't the 100th one. How embarrassing. >.<"

Hmm.. I shall think of a special topic to post it here.

will be back!

Stay tune !


Happy Birthday.

Feeling terrible on Friday thou it was mom's birthday.

Well, I am so glad that my Saturday turns out to be so awesome !

The BEST day of the week.

Happy birthday MOM. I love u always.

Happy BIRD day Ah yang. Handsome always and big business ahead !

Happy birthday People !

Love u all.

Mah Mah Mah ~

Btw, This is my 100th post. LOL

Pi pi Pop Pop ~~

Happy birthday to lamie blog.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

For every 10 good things, there's always some jerk that wants to say something bad

I had a conversation with a man and I feel like I was brain washing him saying that there ain't real love in this polluted world

While saying that makes me think of a jerk

Thinking of him makes me more pathetic



I seriously hate you for being my ex.
Very much I do.


I thank you for being a jerk

for giving me everything I want :)


except yourself

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I just posted my first note in FB with a weird title.

I have no idea how I came out with this title. Perhaps after taking drugs.


Friday, November 13, 2009

I don't care about all the pain infront of me cause i just wanna be happy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Is IT

Tell you what .. I'm ain't MJ fan. I just adore his holistic songs, the beautiful lyrics like Earth Song, Man in the mirror, etc etc. Of course not to be miss is his almost perfect moonwalk and other dance movements. Those can really make me gawk. Is like seeing heaven in front of me.

After watching his wonderful movie, "This Is It", he became my .... my all time lover.

MJ is my husband. =X

Superb movie I must say !!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

# 11/11/2009

- Disjointed flow of post -

2 years by now, thousands of couples are gonna get married on this date. Perhaps this time they'll say this is a very good day because there are alot of 1 ( ONE ). And they'll start saying that this date represent One and th only ONE, bla .. bla .. the usual shit. =X

OK. Cut the crapz off as I'm ain't into all this lovey dovey thingy.

Let's celebrate that today is a day for the single one !!! woohooo~~~ I'm single today. Because no one dated me. =X LOL.


Well, tell u what, if u did not follow me in my FB, I fall asleep right infront on my laptop while I'm still on my phone with my friend. -.-" I think I have to really take a rest.


Another thing is, I was not very happy today because I failed to receive the job that I want. T_T
I think I just ain't attractive enough. sigh.


FML .. because I'm just one of the poor lady digging for part time jobs. (digging $$)

*I think I'm changing, in terms of attitude. Am I?*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Take a Deep Breath.

Wishing there is a warm shoulder to lean on.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I need

I need money.


I need a rest.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hotel Room Service anyone?

The title was referring to the clip. Don't think senget !

This video clip by Pitbull really makes me drool. =D~


My nose BLEED.
Heart beating FAST

How wish I can be as sexy as them.


Oh. Did i just say that?


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Im going to mourn over my life in this post.
*Mourning mode on*
I really have no idea what I've been tru this few months except for working and sleepless night and wakeless morning.
I've been working like hell these few days.
Go to work at 7am and go home at 12am.
I don't even know how dusk looks like already.
*exaggerating mode on*
Sooner or later i might forgotten how myself look like as i do not have time to look at the mirror.
all I know is how numbers look like.
I really wish one day my boss will hop over to my place and say, " Ann Nee, u been working like hell these few days. why not take 1 week paid rest?"
Day dreaming mode off !
Back to work !

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mission Impossible Accomplished !

Hi people,

With the terrible work load, I suppose to be working at home now but I am too super freaking tired to continue looking at those NUMBERS. Wait, Do you know what I'm working as?
I'm good in inspecting PEOPLE's money.
I'm so good at it. Look for me if you need someone like me. LOL.

A'ight. Back to the topic.

The purpose I'm posting this is not to show off what I've got. But showing off what they have. The beauty of their skill turning one ugly duckling into a beautiful geese.

Deep inside me I've been thinking to have someone to take beautiful pictures of me. Just like those supermodels we can see on very first page of every magazine.

So beautiful.

So elegant.

and of cause..

So Sexy..... That she makes u drool, nose bleed, heart attack? lol.

It is like every girl's dream.

Now I've given a opportunity, a very first one indeed, to work with E2, Mixo and Alvin. I shouldn't say work. It is more like having some great time together sharing the same interest.
Below are a few pictures that I've never thought it turns me into something else. Something I've never thought I can be like.

Shots by E2

Shots by ShutterMixo.

Shots by Alvin from Vietnam.

So, tell me What's Impossible?

P/s :

- Thanks E2 for the wonderful dinner and such a big opportunity to work with you guys.
- Thanks Mixo for the nice shots and leading me back to Mrr2.
- Thanks Alvin for carrying my super big backpack and the very historical belt.
- Last but not least, Thanks to Rachel for the wonderful make up and patience in you wiping my sweat and touching up the make ups.
.Millions of thanks.

For more, visit my facebook. =D
Leave me comments there for improvement purposes.
Bad comments are welcome. but not to harsh k? =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Urrghhh ..

Dear you,

I seriously feel like blogging

But I have freaking no time ! (english?) LOL

Below already showing that I am super hardworking/busy.

like seriously.

Just visit my FB to know what I am up to.

Cheers peeper ....

Will be back with a very interesting post perhaps. =P

w/ <3

Thursday, October 1, 2009

**Now you see me !

It seems like I have abandoned my little blog for 317231 days thou knowing that no one has actually visited my blog but myself. Well, perhaps all this while I treated my blog as a place on earth for me to say things out when I couldn't find people to talk to.

What I'm up to this few months weeks days when I wasn't blogging here? hmm.. Damn, it is going to be a very long long list. There are so much I wanted to blog about since March'09. Bout my look after taking out the ugly yet super expensive braces, my graduation days, how much I missed my friends after graduating, how is my first job, how happy I am getting my first pay cheque, the terrible work load, my come n go colleagues, my boss, how upset am I, ......... endless list. Better stop before the ZZZzzzzz came into action.

Lets put those aside for a moment as there are really a lot to talk about.

I was watching a very beautiful yet hilarious movie. I am so sure that 89.97% for people my age has already watched that movie.

The Proposal it is.

Why it is so beautiful when it is acted, why it isn't when it comes to real.
L.O.V.E is what i meant.
I am so into this movie and been repeating the part where Sandra Dance. LOL. hilarious.

**-Now you don't-

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Extreme Chellenge, Skytrex

Had a pleasent days with friends last weekend that I spent my Saturday doing some extreme activities.

I did not take any pictures as I dont have a camera. But some of my lovely friends snap a few pictures for me. Below are those. Credite goes to YongZhi and EngHao.

While waiting for the Shuttle bus.

On the way up the hill where u can rent bicycle and play Skytrex.

Didnt know he snapped, I thought he missed it !

Me and the Harness. Very tight. As for man, you should wear double layer of underwear. =X

Super tight !

Everyone paying full attention to the instructor.

Briefing on how to use the harness. Why call it as harness? It sounds like harmess. lol
It has 2 carboxxx?? ( forgotten) and one puller? (with the roller one)? OMG, I have totally forgotten their names. STML ! alright, I admit I was dreaming while the lady was briefing us.

Wooohooo... the best thing they had ! FLYING FOX. This is only 3-4 metres high. Wait till you see the 50 metres flying fox !! So chun. Well, I do not have the picture of that. Go try it yourself. No regret !

Waiting for my turn to climb up the 50 metres high ladder. So exhausting. seriously. Feel like giving up half way.

No pictures taken while playing.
Fast forward to the final destination.

So proud of myself!
Never try before? Trust me. RM40 is worth for great healthy activy like this. Dont tell me you can spend more than 100 bucks in clubs but not here.
Alot of chicks here flying around too. =P

Last picture taken for the day.

Tiring yet great one I had.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ann Nee is under emo-struction

.......... pms pms pms pms pms pms .........

Thursday, September 3, 2009

To the Twilight readers out there.

We are too old for the book.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't judge a book by its cover !

SO! Never ever ... everrrrr ....

Judge me by my unique Lalang look.

Because Ann Nee has eh DECENT good reader loooookkk.


Wooottt.. a decent spender indeed? =D

Doubting my above statement?

"Action will remove the doubt that theory cannot explain"

scroll down willya? =x







jeng jeng jeng .......

bought @ RM129.

So, am I spending my Precious Smelly Paper wisely?


Then visit Popular bookfest @ KLCC.

Good book. Good bargain.

*I am going to charge Popular for this post*

*I'm just kidding*

Monday, August 17, 2009

They are my colleague no more. Forever Friends they are.

"Never shall I forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours."
- Ludwig van Beethoven -

"In a friend you find a second self."
- Isabelle Norton-

Please do miss me my friends, as I am going to miss you badly.
- Ann Nee -

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Party till you FALL !

I know certain people been saying that Ann Nee has changed alot.
I know how people may missunderstand Ann Nee of her changes.
But, seriously I blame no one for the rumours or misunds.
Frankly, I give no damn.


I still like to dance like nobody business.

Btw, that was just a posing.

Alright. I went to the famous 4 seasons club on this one fine Saturday after "retiring" for 3 months.

Quite happy that I have the chance to once again club with my old KAKIs.

Always the boss.

Never sober him and never drunken me. lol

Issac the lonesome and Ann Nee the dumbest.

pssst ... pssstt ...

A crowded night.

This is when the people starts to get abit tipsy.

and then get drunk.

And yet I am still able to hold the title of Never-Drunken me.

Have you ever dance under the snow?

You should try it here.

Basically I dont really know this girl. But who really cares that we know each other anot. As long as we are in club, we dance like we have been knowing each other for a century.

And I think this is only usually happen to the same sex.

Including man perhaps?