Saturday, February 28, 2009


Anyone can do anything silly anytime anywhere ....

Especially when one is drunk !

Including you ! ( DON'T DENY ! )

And me of cause ...
like ..

Hugging my Prince Charming.
hmmm ... it feels goodddd ... ~~~

oppsie dosie ... ... PRINCE FROG ???? oh fuk !

Alright. I know is a lame one. :D

p/s:: I'm not drunk, abit tipsy indeed (im not denying ok !)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lets continue .....

.... from where I’ve stopped.

This post basically contained more pictures than words.
(I’ll make sure u see lesser words. hmm!)

My wrongly-spelled birthday cake ... lol. Thanks! you guys make things special for me. heart group 11 !

ann & del del with her N85

LaiKuan (left)

LaiKuan, Khaiying, Del, Jess, YeeMin, ME ! (clockwise)

Allen the Intruder in RED !

Vivian (middle)

"camera 2"

wth ? my "king's handbag"?? lol.

The gentlemen, with thier spare tyre. 15inches ??

a blur one, but i like. can cover up my ugliness.

"May god protects my most important "F", Family and Friends."

Group 11 ROX !

grumpy folks with a "peace"??

yey ! love you all. xoxo !
- END -

HEY !! stop COUNTING larrr ... si beh kiasu! sweat... *LoL* :P
XOXO !! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm finally back ......

from nowhere ..

Before I start telling my bedtime stories, I must first apologize for not updating my blog for …hhmmmm… 1 month and 2 days …? Actually it isn’t a big deal at all .. coz I know no one really cares if I didn’t update it for a week or a month or even a year… (or I totally abandon my blog) coz I’m ain’t a paid blogger who need to keep their readers updated about their life or to quench the need of their readers. Hmmm .. Sound a bit sarcastic hor ? ahah .. Alright … forgive me guys … u still love me as usual right? :P

Secondly is, I don’t feel like telling what really happened to me between 19th January to 21st February which is yesterday. It was just some unhappy stories which I don’t feel like sharing. I guess I am a lot better now. I guess …… so don’t worry …

Basically in this post I wanted to thank to all my friends who have be with me when I were really so upset, so blue, so dejected, down, under a big huge grief …. ….. ….. …..
Thanks a lot. Thanks for the birthday celebration u guys planned exactly 20 days ago. I was touched.. I was happy to have each and every one of you in my life, and I treasure the moment I spent with u all. Thanks again. I couldn’t remember the last “happy” birthday celebration I had. Without u, I couldn’t have survived these long. Alright … I just pick favorite pictures and post it up.

** First sweet birthday celebration from my lovely housemates/besties. xoxo **

I'm singing along ^^

*God Bless each and everyone of you*

B2-8-7 dudes

Abrupt stop !

....... more to come ..... :)