Wednesday, September 26, 2012

small note means a lot sometimes

We have not been talking for 3 days now. 4 days? sigh .. I just don't feel like counting. I do not want to write what we have happened because I don't feel  like recalling it one year after when I browse tru my blog again.
Despite of we didn't talk for few days, it is still very heart broken to see my tiny lil notes ended up in the rubbish bin.

I still remember i wrote this note after the incident that he pushed me to ground and i left his place. few days later, he ask for forgiveness so i went back to him. I wrote this note in the middle of the night and I sticked it on the wardrobe next to where he sleeps hoping that every morning he can see this tiny lil note me wishing him good morning.

It still sticks on the wardrobe for few weeks until today i saw it lying helplessly in the rubbish bin. I picked it up and stick it on my board together with other small notes that meant alot to me.

What have we become?