Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last week was a tough week. Instead of planning something to kill my time, I guess I've already being killed by time. Phylis abrupt call did cheer my day indeed. She asked us to go Barcelona to ........ have fun. Apparently I do not have the feeling of dancing or drinking that day but staying in the house really making me so streesful so I jumped into Phylis's car and Barcelona we go ! There were 8 of us, 4 ladies 4 gentlemen.

Pui, Vivian, Ann, Phylis

We were short of a lady to get a free Bacardi. Sigh, persuaded SJ and LH to go .. but tak jadi. We reached Barcelona kinda early that day. I Stand at the table and have few glasses for an hour till I saw my high school friends Kelly Teng, Kelly Ng and ching er in the toilet. Wow .. thats really such a coincident.

Kelly Ng, Ching Er, Kelly Teng

After that I joined the 3 ladies dancing on top of the speaker which is right infront of the Dj's desk. I guess I am really getting old. Cant really fight with those younger ones who can dance, shake and groove continuosly for more than 30 minutes. I went back to my table to chill a lil and there i saw Vivian getting a lil tipsy

I guess this is when Vivian felt tipsy and we didn't realize (Vincent, i'll be more observant next time)

She needs help to stand and walk straight. Few of us carried her to the toilet to throw out all those heavy liquor which make her feels terrible. After that they carried her to the car where she rest for the next 2 hours. Since I'm writting, I am sincerely asking for forgiveness from a friend, Vincent which is a very close friend of Vivian. Sorry for making her so drunk.

I went out to look for them that took vivian to the car but fail to find a known shadow. So I went back into the club to join the 3 ladies I met. Guess what I did. I danced ontop of the bar. wtf. I was being pull up. But, I have fun ! I did enjoy myself, at least I was away from those sicknening stress and problems. Should I thank Phylis asking me out ? NO ! I spent RM70 that day paying the drinks. urrghhh ... leaving my bank account with only 2 digits. wtf .

Guess who I saw in Barcelona .....
jeng jeng jeng ....

Hong and Black

The 2 guys who make it to the grand finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" 2008

Hong, Sim, Cecilia, Black


vincent2903 said...

i forgive u if u treat me McD hahaha!!!

its ok lar, dun so serious asking me for forgiveness since she's ok...

juz heart pain she drink till like tis T_____________T

Arrowouiz said...

Having fun ? girl ?