Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twilight Soundtrack

I've been blogging alot about Twilight these days and I hope you guys wont be yawning reading it. Anyhow, I dont think is alot, because i only posted 3. ahaha .. By the way, what I wanted to share is I've finished downloading all the soundtracks of twilight. Yeh ! Lets "Yey" together ... "YEY !!!" All the songs are so nice. I keep on repeating over and over again. If i were asked to choose only one best songs out of so many, i guess i'll choose ............. hmmm .... Supermasive Black Hole? Decode? *scratching me head* ........ Eye on Fire ?..... *struggling* ....... Full Moon? Claire De Lune ? ......... sigh .... how about letting u know some other day, its so hard to make decision cause all the songs are nice for me. I let know later la ok? Remind me.


Mom and Dad just came back from Vietnam. They had lots of fun there. The weather is cold .. around 12 celsius, scenery is superb

and the traffic is terrible ! KL traffic move aside, wait till u see this traffic in Vietnam.

So many motorcyclist on the road

Mom bought me a necklace.

Ma .... Thank you !

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Abit of comments

I just came back from The Twilight movie and I guess I didn't regret spending my RM10 when I've already so broke. I guess I put too high expectation on this movie. Not that I disapointed, but the story line is a bit different from the book. I still can recognize some familiar dialogues like Edward asking Bella about the theories of what she thinks of him, "spiders, Kryptonite" , " What if I'm a bad guy" ... etc ... not all dialogues are the same. No doubt that Robbert is handsome but i still prefer "the" Edward in the book rather than the one in the movie. Overall the movie is good, and the book is still better. Tell you what, Dr Cullen, Carlisle, does suprised me with his young look. As what Bella described in the book. Hmmm.. I guess I'll just stop here. Not that i have nothing else to talk about this movie, I just want you guys to watch this movie. I saw it rank the first place in US in today's newspaper. So, I guess I have enough reasons for you to spend some time for this movie and perhaps the book. Enjoy!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Twilight Movie

I swear that I will Twilight tonight !

or else I stay away from food for one hour wtf ! ahahaha

Actually I'm quite sure that I able to watch this tonight because I already bought the movie tickets in the morning. LOL .. You were fooled ! Call me childish.

All together 5 tickets which mean 5 human beings. I'm watching it with two couples again. ahaha .. I wondering why am I always such a loser. I was planning to watch this movie alone but I felt pathetic, but watching with 2 couples make me feel pathetic too. sigh .. I don't give any damn anymore because I wanted to watch this movie so badly, not that I'm looking for a shoulder to lean on, not that I need a shoulder to cry on during the sob scene, not that I need warm hands when I'm shivering because it is cold inside, not that I care so much that everyone is watching with thier love one. LOL .. yala yala .. call me loser ... So, the thing is ....


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Twilight Saga

Am I a big fan of Twilight ???

YES !! my heart screams ..... You will never get bored reading it .. I've read it all over again twice ... Sigh .. so irresistable ... =D

I have all FOUR !!

However, I still love Twilight the most. It talks about how Bella met Edward and how different is Edward different from the vampire we know from movies and other novels. Talking about movie, Twilight is soon in theaters !!! YEAH ! cant wait ... aarrghhhh ...

Left to right :: Alice, Emmet, Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robbert Pattinson), Rosalie, Jasper

The Cullen family

Did you actually realize that my heading is Bella (Kristen) and Edward (Robbert) ? LOL
Twilight is highly recommended book to read. You'll never regret turning the book. Trust me.

And don't miss the movie ! =D Lets put our hand together and pray that the movie will be as good as the book.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last week was a tough week. Instead of planning something to kill my time, I guess I've already being killed by time. Phylis abrupt call did cheer my day indeed. She asked us to go Barcelona to ........ have fun. Apparently I do not have the feeling of dancing or drinking that day but staying in the house really making me so streesful so I jumped into Phylis's car and Barcelona we go ! There were 8 of us, 4 ladies 4 gentlemen.

Pui, Vivian, Ann, Phylis

We were short of a lady to get a free Bacardi. Sigh, persuaded SJ and LH to go .. but tak jadi. We reached Barcelona kinda early that day. I Stand at the table and have few glasses for an hour till I saw my high school friends Kelly Teng, Kelly Ng and ching er in the toilet. Wow .. thats really such a coincident.

Kelly Ng, Ching Er, Kelly Teng

After that I joined the 3 ladies dancing on top of the speaker which is right infront of the Dj's desk. I guess I am really getting old. Cant really fight with those younger ones who can dance, shake and groove continuosly for more than 30 minutes. I went back to my table to chill a lil and there i saw Vivian getting a lil tipsy

I guess this is when Vivian felt tipsy and we didn't realize (Vincent, i'll be more observant next time)

She needs help to stand and walk straight. Few of us carried her to the toilet to throw out all those heavy liquor which make her feels terrible. After that they carried her to the car where she rest for the next 2 hours. Since I'm writting, I am sincerely asking for forgiveness from a friend, Vincent which is a very close friend of Vivian. Sorry for making her so drunk.

I went out to look for them that took vivian to the car but fail to find a known shadow. So I went back into the club to join the 3 ladies I met. Guess what I did. I danced ontop of the bar. wtf. I was being pull up. But, I have fun ! I did enjoy myself, at least I was away from those sicknening stress and problems. Should I thank Phylis asking me out ? NO ! I spent RM70 that day paying the drinks. urrghhh ... leaving my bank account with only 2 digits. wtf .

Guess who I saw in Barcelona .....
jeng jeng jeng ....

Hong and Black

The 2 guys who make it to the grand finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" 2008

Hong, Sim, Cecilia, Black

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Walk to Remember

Yes. Movie again ! But this time I didn't order Domino's. My roomate, LiHwee bought me economic rice (which no longer "economic" anymore) instead. So, I've just finished watching this movie, what a sob movie I'll say. I used up two packets of tissue wiping of all my tears. wtf. Luckly no one at home. I am just to embarrass crying infront of people while wacthing this kind of movies and not even once I've done this before. *lame*. By the way, I like the quote they mentioned in this movie.

"Love is always patient and kind. It is neer jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take pleasure in other peoples sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

World's best MOM !

Mom's birthday coming soon ... counting down to 8 days . Do you have any suggestion what I should give her this year ? Mom's going to Vietnam soon .. should I buy her a luggage ? hmmm ... I been struggling for so many days thinking of what to give, so I'm here to seek help. To all my dear friends who read my blog .. give me some suggestions okie ? ^^ Thanks alot ..

Skater girl

Last monday I was suppose to go back Sg Long by train aka KTM , but a good friend offer to fetch me back unless I accompany him to skate in Sunway Pyramid .. hmmm ... so why not .. since i didnt skate before .. and i dont need to trouble myself to take train aka "balia" KTM back ...

Reached Sunway Pyramid around 5pm and straight away we go to the skate ring ..
So what we have to do is to pay for the entrance fee .. RM13 (weekdays) RM 8 (glove) .. alright ..

Scanned the barcode printed on the wristband .. *dit*dit * ...

Skate shoe .. (checked)

Gloves (Checked!)

Go .. Go .. Go ..

2 hours later ..

(can see that wound on my knee ?)

Little reward for myself, for not giving up after falling for four times ..

Hey, I'm a first timer ok ..and yet I already very satisfied with my own performance .. LOL .. I skate so many rounds without holding on the bar or anyone kay ! .. hmmm !

Standing outside the ring, I watched all the Pro's skate .. hope to steal some techniques from them ..

These two uncles are so good ! way better than you ! LOL .. sarcastic me !


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


WTF ..! Tommorow is my presentation .. today i went out the whole day .. and fell down 4 times ! uuurrrghhhhh .... but i just lovit ! LOL ... my knee bleed ... my palm swollen ... my head upset ... my heart feels great ... ... not really that GREAT ... but is great ... wt* !

Friday, November 7, 2008

Genting again !

YEAH !!!! Finally I finished with my damn theory ! Time to post some lame story of mine ...


Yesterday I went to Genting again ... (--") One of my friend was overly depressed over his relationship with a girl and he doesn't wanna share it with anyone ... so all I can do is be his accomplice to the City of Entertainment ... We went there from my place around 10 ish night ! (--") By the time we reached there it was already 12AM where you couldn't do anything but walking around the the place enjoying those cold wind pampering your face and Gamble ... Since me and the guy aint couple and we aint a "romantic" friend only normal close friend ... Walking around feeling the cold wind is not in our list ... So we ended up in CASINO ! Since I don't gamble, I left my friend at the poker table and walked around watching those "lan dou guai" putting bet and squeezing those poker cards ... LOL ... What makes me laugh is those dramas that I never expected to happen in a casino ... One more thing I realized is the consequence of walking alone around casino and genting at night ... People, not only MALE, but also FEMALE, approached you asking you whether you are local or ....... (mainland) (--"""") lots of sweat !! WT* !

We left Casino around 3am and return to our Deluxe view room previously rented ... Alright ... I know what's in your mind now ... Don't think dirty and don't worry ... I'm safe and nothing happened between us ... I've deicided to trust this guy for one night ... But please .. girls ... not every guy can be trusted ... I guess I'm just lucky enough not to be raped by this friend whom we knew each other quarter of my life ... Time is not a measurement ok ! We talked the whole night bout his anxiety and things that keep bothering him and eventually we ended up with nice round panda eyes this morning ... Hey, back track abit ... I'm not finished with the description of the room we stayed ! Our room faced the Theme Park ... Cool right ?? =p Guys, do you know what the GOOD thing of staying in a Theme Park view room ?? ahahaha ... you can watch the view of the theme park la ! But do you know what's the BEST thing staying in a view room ??
You will be waken up by those screaming and shouting coming from the Thempark before you could even drag yourself up from the bed ... uuurrghhhhhh ~~~~

Can you spot the differences between these two pictures ??? =P
Is the view from my room ..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trophy Handover Ceremony

I am so tired of staring at the same assignment for 4 hours ... so I guess I should take some time to do somthing else just to relax my mind ... I digged some of the pictures out from my "balia" camera phone and here's what i can blog about ...

Last week i was invited to the Sports Carnival Trophy Handover Ceremony as the Bowling Captain ... Actually I'm aint the captain .. Other bowlers including the unknown bowling captain have graduated hence they called me ... Lame right ?

This is the lame stage ... It isn't as grand as u thought ... hahaha... This so call "ceremony" only took approximately 30 minutes ... LOL ...

I took A lame picture (alright .. i camwhored... --") before leaving my house ...

Since during the entire event I am so free and so ALONE, I took another picture ... =P

Blame the cameraman, Kenneth, for shaking his hand ... --" the only picture I have when I was posing on the stage ... LOL ... I was handing over (not the other way) the Bowling trophy we won to the indian guy (forggotten his name, he is the manager for the UTAR Sports Club)

There's another reason why they invited me also la ... (aiks ... muka tembok!)

Yipe yeh yeh ...because we won the overall champion ! After so many tournaments i joined, this is the very first time in my life holding a gold medal ... =D Since Kenneth (left ) and Alvin (right) have graduated so they chose me to go up the stage ... hmmmm ... =/

I celebrated this lonely yet happy moment with a hotdog, few meat balls, chickens?(LOL), and some curry ... There're alot more food but I was too full ... regretted, I shouldn't eat before the ceremony ... Sigh ...

I'm under dilemma whether to tell you a secret ... Hmmm ... =/
Do you wanna share my little secret ? =P